Govt/Public Services


Governments, at all levels (International, National, State and Local), around the world operate in an environment characterized by increased economic migration, changing demographics, diminishing natural resources, rising security concerns and a more demanding electorate.

We believed that with Federal/State/Local budgets shrinking, there was a huge opportunity to bring more efficiency to government through innovative technology solutions. From the start, GNRI focused on two simple foundational ideas – 

1) Recruit top talent to the team and provide world-class benefits and an environment to succeed.

2) Develop innovative solutions for the government. 

At GNRI, we believe there are many ways governments can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the way they evaluate, implement and monitor policy to deliver modern customer and citizen centered services. At the same time, governments must strive to deliver these services more economically, providing the public with greater levels of accountability and transparency and ensuring their activities are sustainable.


Product assessment?

Product assessment is required to analyze the products offered by financial institutions to its clients and to avoid unintended impact of the product universe. The assessment validates the way a product is offered to a client, as an impact on a product is based on the client’s location and generation of US-sourced Fixed, Annual, Determinable, Periodic income. This makes it necessary to evaluate the entire product base of all financial institutions.