Retail & Manufacturing


Retailers are exploring various transportation options to meet the "I need it now" demand of consumers, such as having product shipped directly from local stores, centralized warehouses or even from the manufacturer. Achieving that kind of last-mile capability, however, hinges on how your end-to-end supply chain network is designed, and how your inventory is deployed, postponed, configured and distributed across channels, observes Burton White, vice president, industry supply chain with consulting firm Analytics. And it could mean looking at alternative delivery options. 


The challenge

To stay ahead in this high-pressure global scenario, it is vital to optimize internal IT operations using cost reduction techniques, to enhance customer service. GNRI partnered with the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial transport solutions, to address specific challenges:

  • Process automation: Develop solutions for reducing repetitive processes
  • Effective resource time utilization: Enable the technical teams to focus more on core processes
  • Overall team productivity improvement: Facilitate the sharing of best practices, knowledge transfers and reduce the dependency on key resources

We will provide complete end-end solution and automated software customized for your need.